We work to strengthen the legal protection of human rights at the national, state and territory levels by contributing to policy development and running significant human rights cases in the courts.

There is strong evidence that the legal recognition and protection of human rights is an important factor contributing to the realisation of human rights on the ground.

Despite this, Australia is the only modern developed democracy not to enshrine human rights in a national law.

Australian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms

We all know our lives are better when we all treat each other with respect and compassion. That’s why it’s so important the values that everyone holds dear – like fairness and equality – are properly protected, understood and upheld.


It’s time for an

Australian Charter of Rights

We are working with a coalition of passionate and dedicated community organisations from a range of sectors to build the campaign for a national Charter of Human Rights.

You can support the call for an Australian Charter of Rights. Sign our petition today.

For more information, email us at charterofrights@hrlc.org.au.