New resource to assist in effective investigations into human rights violations

The Asia Pacific Forum has produced a new resource aimed at helping national human rights institutions (NHRI) investigate allegations of human rights violations.

Investigating allegations of human rights violations is central to the work of nearly every national human rights institution in the Asia Pacific region. Whether the focus is on resolving individual complaints or uncovering systemic failings, effective human rights investigations uncover the facts of a case and provide a pathway to justice, redress and restitution for victims.

The report, Undertaking Effective Investigations: A Manual for National Human Rights Institutions provides a comprehensive overview of the key skills that NHRI investigators require in order to conduct impartial and thorough investigations.

It offers detailed and practical advice on:

  • planning an investigation;
  • organising and conducting interviews;
  • collecting, preserving and assessing evidence, including digital evidence;
  • developing recommendations; and
  • report writing.

A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

Source: Asia Pacific Forum