8-year Review of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights

8-year Review of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights

The Victorian Attorney-General recently announced the 8-year review of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Victorian Charter). The review is a significant opportunity to strengthen the legal protection and practical realisation of human rights in Victoria.

The HRLC has made a detailed submission to the review, which contains 21 recommendations to enhance and strengthen the operation of the Victorian Charter.

About the Review and Terms of Reference

The review is being conducted by an independent reviewer, Mr Michael Brett Young. The review’s Terms of Reference broadly encompass questions relating to ways to enhance the operation and effectiveness of the Victorian Charter.

Public submissions to the review were due by 4 June 2015. Further details about the review, including the specific Terms of Reference and a Consultation Paper, are available at https://myviews.justice.vic.gov.au/2015-review-of-the-charter-of-human-rights.

Making a Submission to the Review

Individuals and community organisations who have had personal experiences working with the Victorian Charter are strongly encouraged to make a submission to the review. The HRLC has prepared this Guide to Making A Submission.

Submissions can be lodged online at https://myviews.justice.vic.gov.au/2015-review-of-the-charter-of-human-rights. There is no particular format or requirements for a submission.

Workshops for Community Organisations

For organisations thinking about making a submission to the review, we will be hosting three workshops designed to provide information about the Charter and how to prepare a submission:

  • Tuesday 12 May, 10.30am-12.30pm Session for community legal centres and others familiar with using the Charter in their work with clients
  • Thursday 14 May, 2.30-4.30pm Open session for community sector workers including CLC workers less familiar with the Charter
  • Wednesday 20 May, 1–4pm Session for VCOSS members including consultation on the VCOSS submission to the Charter Review