Equality Australia: Australia’s first national legal advocacy & campaigning NGO

Equality Australia: Australia’s first national legal advocacy & campaigning NGO

The Human Rights Law Centre is excited to support the establishment of Equality Australia, Australia’s first national LGBTIQ+ legal advocacy and campaigning organisation to continue the unfinished business of achieving equality for LGBTIQ+ people.

For the last three years, the Human Rights Law Centre has been at the forefront of the fight for equality for LGBTIQ+ people, but the time has come to have a national advocacy organisation run by and for LGBTIQ+ people to advance the rights and needs of the LGBTIQ+ community.

In the wake of the divisive postal survey and the overwhelming ‘Yes’ result, supporters of marriage equality discovered that together we are a force – and a voice – to be reckoned with. A community of people passionate about equality that has the power to change laws, and change lives.

After eight amazing years at the Human Rights Law Centre, it’s hard to say goodbye to Anna Brown (see here for the very impressive list of her achievements) as she steps into the role of CEO of Equality Australia, but we’re pleased to be supporting this important new chapter and look forward to working in partnership with the new organisation.

Anna will be in great company at Equality Australia with Lee Carnie joining her part time as Director of Legal Advocacy, and Michelle Bennett also joining part time as Media Director (both will continue to also work part-time for the Human Rights Law Centre). They’ll also be joined by Director of Engagement Aram Hosie, a leader in LGBTI advocacy, health and social justice. Equality Australia is currently recruiting for a Campaigns Advisor and Development Director.

You can learn more about Equality Australia here.