My ID, my identity: Rosalina's story

Many of us use our ID without thinking twice about it. But for trans people it can be embarrassing at best, and harmful at worst. Sistergirl Rosalina knows who she is, all she's asking for is for her birth certificate to reflect that.

We're working to make it easier for people to update their ID so it accurately reflects their identity. Join the call for all governments in every state and territory to remove the unnecessary barriers that prevent trans and gender diverse people from updating their ID.

It is not marriage equality until all our relationships are equal

You might think we have full LGBTI equality, but we don’t yet. There’s still unfinished business.

Last year, on marriage equality Australians overwhelmingly voted for an inclusive and fair society. Now we need to make sure that everyone has equality including transgender and other gender diverse people.

Australians voted yes to marriage equality not to discrimination for trans and gender diverse people.

It is not marriage equality until all our relationships are equal.

Australia must better protect LGBTI womens’ rights

The UN’s expert committee on discrimination against women has raised a series of concerns about the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer women and girls in Australia.

The Committee grilled the Australian Government on the need for specialist services to address the "staggering rates of self-harm and suicide" for LGBTI people, particularly transgender and intersex people, caused by "unacceptably high rates of discrimination and harassment".

Former youth prisoner at the UN calls out Turnbull Government for failing Indigenous children

Indigenous advocate, Keenan Mundine, a former youth prisoner and principal consultant of Inside Out Aboriginal Justice Consultancy, has travelled to Geneva to address the UN Human Rights Council about the Turnbull Government’s failure to stop ten year old children being sent to prison.

“I have spent more than half of my life behind bars, and I want to make sure this will not be the same future for my children. Right now, children as young as ten are still being locked away in prisons across Australia. This year alone, around 600 children under the age of 14 were taken from their families and imprisoned. This injustice must end,” said Mr Mundine.

Read: Keenan Mundine's statement

As grim five year anniversary for refugee children looms, Turnbull Government confronted with hard truths at UN

Following the UN Human Rights Chief’s condemnation of Donald Trump’s brutality to children at the US border, the Turnbull Government’s indefinite detention of 134 refugee children has been called out at the UN Human Rights Council overnight.

“These children have been detained for five long years for fleeing the same atrocities our government comes here and condemns,” Mr Webb told the UN Human Rights Council.