Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights


This page hosts resources and links to help you to understand and use Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities to protect your, or your clients’, human rights.

Human Rights Law Centre Case Summaries

Our website hosts a free, searchable database of summaries of over 900 important Australian, foreign and international human rights cases, including cases considering Victoria’s Human Rights Charter.

Human Rights Case Summaries


Human Rights Advocacy Guides

We produce a range of advocacy guides to explain how the Charter can help particular groups of people or on particular issues. Current guides including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights; rights of victims of crime; rights of people who are homeless; rights of people in prison; rights of people with mental illness; rights of people with a disability; and protest rights.

Your Advocacy Guides

Judicial College of Victoria Charter Benchbook

The Judicial College produces a free, detailed online resource to help judges to better understand and apply the Charter. It will also assist lawyers.

Victoria Charter Benchbook

Human Rights Charter in Action: Case Studies

Our 2012 report documents 101 case studies showing how the Charter helped to protect and promote human rights in Victoria in its first five years.

Human Rights Charter in Action

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

The Commission produces annual reports on the operation of the Charter which summarise key cases and developments and show how the Charter helps to protect peoples’ human rights in Victoria.

Charter Reports

Law Institute of Victoria Charter Case Database.

This database, searchable by Charter rights, contains short summaries of court cases that have considered the Charter.

Charter Case Database

Annotated Guide to the Victorian Charter

The 2008 guide, written by barristers Alistair Pound and Kylie Evans, is a helpful resource for lawyers. A new edition is currently being prepared.

Guide to the Victorian Charter

Review of the Charter

The Charter was reviewed after 4 and 8 years. The report on the 8 year review includes recommendations on how the Charter can be improved.

Review of the Charter