Universal Periodic Review of Australia in January 2011 - NGO Materials

The Universal Periodic Review ('UPR') is a mechanism of the UN Human Rights Council which reviews the human rights records of all 193 United Nations Member States.

Australia was last reviewed under the Universal Periodic Review in January 2011.

In July 2010, a coalition of non-government organisations (NGOs) from across Australia prepared a joint NGO submission to the Universal Periodic Review of Australia.  The submission was prepared with substantial input and guidance from a high-level NGO Working Group and was endorsed, in whole or part, by 68 organisations. Download  the joint NGO submission here.

The Australian Government submitted its UPR Report to be UN Human Rights Council. Download the Australian Government's report here.

To assist States, NHRIs and NGOs to participate in the upcoming Universal Periodic Review of Australia in 2015, the NGO coalition has prepared a range of thematic fact sheets. Download the consolidated fact sheets here.