Australia should Establish Parliamentary Mechanisms to Monitor Domestic Implementation of International Human Rights

\Currently, Australia is subject to periodic review by UN treaty bodies established under each of the ICCPR, ICESCR, CAT, CRPD, CEDAW and CERD.  These reviews provide an opportunity for a comprehensive analysis of the state of human rights in Australia and for a constructive dialogue as to how best to promote and protect these rights between the Government and independent international human rights experts.  Australia has also accepted the jurisdiction of a number of UN human rights treaty bodies to hear and determine individual complaints regarding Australia.

However, while international scrutiny and accountability are important aspects of the promotion and protection of human rights, there are currently no formal domestic mechanisms to independently monitor and report on the implementation of the recommendations of UN treaty bodies or Special Procedures.

In light of this, the Human Rights Law Resource Centre has made a Submission to the Australian Government proposing that effective parliamentary and executive mechanisms be established to monitor implementation of and compliance with Australia's human rights obligations.

Download the HRLC submission here.