Tom Clarke - Director of Campaigns


Tom Clarke has been working at the Human Rights Law Centre since the beginning of 2011.  

He began as Director of Communications and oversaw outgoing communications and worked to increase and shape media coverage to maximise the impact of the HRLC’s work. With HRLC staff appearing in over 450 individual articles in the mainstream media each year, Tom helped to craft the messages and polish the team’s delivery.

Now as Director of Campaigns, Tom continues to develop and execute the HRLC’s strategic communications and also manage the HRLC’s ever-growing social media network. He is currently focusing on the need to enshrine human rights protections in law at a national level.

Tom has a background in media production and social justice campaigning. Tom played a significant role in developing the joint business–union Ethical Clothing Australia initiative. He has provided media production and consultancy services to a wide range of commercial and not-for-profit organisations. In a personal capacity, Tom was the founding chairperson of the Wantok Musik Foundation and continues to be involved in the Timor Sea Justice Campaign – calling on the Australian Government to establish permanent and equitable maritime boundaries with East Timor, as well as other solidarity campaigns in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2016 he took an eight month break from the HRLC to cover for a maternity leave position at the International Service for Human Rights in Geneva.



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