Michelle Bennett - Communications Director


Michelle Bennett has led the Human Rights Law Centre’s Communications since the beginning of 2016.  

As Communications Director, Michelle oversees all outgoing communications and press coverage, amplifying and promoting HRLC’s work and strengthening our advocacy for human rights in media and across the community. 

Michelle has played an integral role in some of the HRLC’s most significant campaigns including working closely in partnership with GetUp! on the #LetThemStay and #BringThemHere campaigns. In 2017 Michelle worked on the campaign for marriage equality and ran communications for the constitutional challenge to the postal plebiscite in the High Court. Michelle’s work at the HRLC includes crafting messages and communications strategies across all focus areas and with all staff.

Mchelle has a background in media with extensive experience in broadcast radio having spent ten years at Melbourne’s prominent 3RRRFM radio station and more recently producing at ABC Melbourne. She has writing experience working at two of the world’s leading advertising agencies and has written and produced for various television shows.



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