Keren Adams - Legal Director


Keren Adams joined the HRLC as Director of Advocacy in 2017 to lead the Centre’s work on business and human rights.

Keren has over 12 years’ experience as human rights lawyer and advocate in Australia and internationally. As a solicitor and then partner at UK human rights firm Leigh Day, she litigated a range of landmark human rights cases against the UK multinationals for abuses in their overseas operations. These included the UK’s then largest-ever group claim against oil trader Trafigura on behalf of 30,000 victims of toxic waste dumping in the Cote d’Ivoire (Motto & Ors v Trafigura) and against sugar giant Tate & Lyle on behalf of 200 rural farmers dispossessed by landgrabs in Cambodia (Song Mao & Ors v Tate & Lyle & Anor). She also led successful claims against the UK Government relating to the unlawful detention and abuse of prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq (Serdar Mohamed v Ministry of Defence; Muhanna & Ors v Ministry of Defence) and for complicity in the US rendition and torture program after 9/11 (Binyam Mohammed v Security Services & Ors).

Keren was a voluntary director of the Corporate Responsibility Coalition (CORE), a UK civil-society coalition dedicated to promoting stronger regulatory frameworks and improved access to remedy for those harmed by UK companies globally, and has lectured on corporate accountability and justice and security issues in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. 

Keren has also previously worked at Victoria Legal Aid, where she was the Manager of Strategic Advocacy, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and the Centre for Human Rights Legal Action (CALDH) in Guatemala. She has previously advised the HRLC on its complaint under the OECD Guidelines against G4S for abuses at the Manus Island detention centre and other business and human rights issues.



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