Emily Howie - Legal Director


Emily Howie has worked with the HRLC since 2009 promoting human rights in Australian foreign policy, defending democratic freedoms, advancing women’s rights, contributing to anti-racism and minority rights initiatives and pushing for accountability for Australia’s military cooperation – including Australia’s involvement in the US drone program.

Emily has substantial human rights litigation experience, including as a lead lawyer in Roach v Cth [2007] HCA 43, which established constitutional protection of the right to vote and Brown v Tasmania [2017] HCA 43 in which the High Court overruled Tasmania’s excessive anti-protest laws.

Emily also led the HRLC’s work to secure landmark legislation in several states to create ‘safe access zones’ to ensure women can safely and privately access abortion clinics without having to run the gauntlet of harassment and intimidation.

Emily has a masters in law from Columbia University in New York. In 2012 she was awarded Columbia’s Leebron Human Rights Fellowship to conduct research on asylum seekers in Sri Lanka. Prior to joining the HRLC, Emily worked as a Senior Associate with Allens Arthur Robinson, a legal adviser to the House of Representatives Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee, and in the Trial Chambers of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.



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