Australia needs to lift its game to strengthen its bid for a seat on the UN's Human Rights Council

The HRLC has joined with Human Rights Watch to produce a report detailing how Australia can “lift its game” on human rights at home and abroad in order to strengthen its bid for a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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Strengthening the UN Human Rights Council: HRLRC Position Papers and Statement to UN Working Group

The work, functioning and status of the UN Human Rights Council will be reviewed in 2011.  An open-ended working group established by the Council to discuss this review is scheduled for 25 to 29 October 2010. On 20 October 2010, the HRLRC made a Submission to the Working Group on the Review of the UN Human Council Review in Geneva.

The submission considers ways to strengthen the Council and make it more effective in promoting and protecting human rights on the ground.

To this end, the submission makes recommendations in the following areas:

  • focus and conduct of the 2011 review of the Human Rights Council;
  • responding to human rights situations of concern;
  • strengthening the membership of the Human Rights Council;
  • protecting and strengthening the special procedures;
  • enhancing the operation of the Universal Periodic Review;
  • enhancing the engagement of NHRIs and NGOs with the Human Rights Council; and
  • improving follow-up and implementation of reports and recommendations.

In addition to the Submission above, the HRLRC also made: