Welcome reports that 157 asylum seekers currently detained on the high seas will be brought to Australian territory

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed reports that the Australian customs vessel carrying 157 Tamil asylum seekers is on its way to Australian territory.

Hugh de Kretser, the Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre which has been working with Shine Lawyers and the legal team representing the asylum seekers in their High Court challenge, welcomed the reports.

“This means the worst fears of our clients have been avoided for the time being and they will be extremely relieved. However many serious questions remain. The legal team is currently assessing the impact of these developments on the case,” said Mr de Kretser.

Due to the ongoing legal proceedings, Mr de Kretser said there were restrictions on what he could currently discuss about the 157 people detained by the Australian Government on the customs vessel since the 29th of June.

“Australia should promptly and properly assess people’s claims for protection in a fair and transparent manner consistent with our obligations under international law,” said Mr de Kretser.


Media enquires to HRLC Director of Communications, Tom Clarke, on 0422 545 763 or HRLC Executive Director, Hugh de Kretser, on 0403 965 340.