UN agencies call on the international community to act urgently in Syria

Five major UN humanitarian agencies have made a joint appeal to the international community to act in Syria. The heads of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, World Health Organisation, the Children’s Fund, the World Food Program and the global aid coordinating body, OCHA, all signed a statement asking the governments of the world to intervene in the name of the Syrian people.

The UN agencies warned that it was becoming extremely difficult to provide aid to the millions affected by the civilian conflict and they may soon have no choice but to suspend their efforts.  The exceptional statement also cautioned that the region is at a tipping point and that governments should urgently use their influence to prevent further tragedy.

The Syrian conflict has lasted over two years, accounting for over 70,000 deaths and more than 5 million displaced people.

The words of the heads of these UN agencies can be heard and read here.