"The HRLC stood with me. Will you stand by them?"

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Email_Banner_VicApology _Terry

Dear Friends,

Three weeks ago I sat in parliament to hear Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, apologise to me. He apologised for old unjust laws that criminalised homosexual conduct.

In 1962, when I was 18, I was convicted under these homophobic laws. Who I am and who I loved should never have been a crime, but for 54 years I had a criminal record. It was always hanging over my head. It always came back to haunt me.

In 2014, after tireless work by Anna Brown from the Human Rights Law Centre, the Victorian Government announced that people could apply for old homosexual convictions to be removed. The HRLC helped me to apply to have my conviction legally erased - forever.

The Human Rights Law Centre stood up for my rights and the rights of all people who were unjustly criminalised. Today, I’m asking you to stand with the HRLC by donating to their End of Financial Year Fundraising Appeal.

The HRLC is working to undo the harm caused by these laws in all states and territories around Australia. The team helps people to apply for these types of convictions to be erased. Your support allows this vital work to continue.

Please stand with me and donate now.

Terry Kennedy

Human Rights Law Centre - Client

PS – you can read more about my case here and watch the Premier’s apology here.