Human Rights Briefing Paper to Sir Nigel Rodley, UN Human Rights Committee

In February 2007, the HRLRC, together with the National Association of Community Legal Centres and Rights Australia, prepared a Briefing Paper on Key Human Rights Issues for Sir Nigel Rodley of the UN Human Rights Committee.  Sir Nigel visited Australia from 22 - 28 February 2007. The Briefing Paper considers a range of contemporary human rights issues in Australia, including:

  • the entrenchment of basic human rights;
  • the human rights of Indigenous Australians;
  • asylum-seeker policy and practice, including immigration detention;
  • counter-terrorism laws and measures;
  • the detention of David Hicks;
  • mental health law, policy and practice; and
  • Australia's policy on the death penalty.
Sir Nigel Rodley, Vice-Chair of the UN Human Rights Committee, visited Australia as a guest of the HRLRC