Recruiting an Executive Director

Dear Supporters An exceptional opportunity has arisen to lead the Human Rights Law Centre, one of Australia’s premier human rights advocacy organisations.

The HRLC is an independent, non-profit, non-government organisation committed to promoting and protecting human rights in Australia and through Australian foreign policy. Our high quality work involves a tactical combination of research, advocacy and strategic litigation and targets key policy and decision makers. Our work results in justice for individuals, changes in policy and practice, and stronger protection of human rights in law and on the ground.

This vacancy has arisen because our inaugural Executive Director, Phil Lynch, has accepted an appointment as Director of the International Service for Human Rights in Geneva, commencing January 2013. We are very grateful for the passion, vision and strategic leadership that Phil has dedicated to positioning the HRLC as Australia’s leading human rights advocacy organisation.

While we will be disappointed to farewell Phil, the new Executive Director will lead the HRLC during an exciting period of development and impact. As our Annual Report attests, the organisation is governed by a highly engaged and expert Board, equipped with exceptional and committed staff, motivated by an organisational passion for human rights, and sustained by an expanding donor and supporter base.

So, whether you’re reading this as the HRLC’s next Executive Director, or one of our many partners and supporters, we look forward to continuing our work with you to achieve individual justice and systemic human rights reform.

Yours sincerely

Ros Grady

Chairperson, Human Rights Law Centre