RailCorp claim unresolved: Further mediation ordered

After three days in the Federal Magistrates Court, Graeme Innes' disability discrimination claim against RailCorp remains unresolved. Federal Magistrate Kenneth Raphael has adjourned the case until 22 November 2012, and ordered the matter to be further mediated by a registrar of the court.

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) is representing Mr Innes, who claims RailCorp's failure to provide audible “next stop” announcements on trains makes it impossible for him to travel safely and with dignity.

Mr Innes and other public transport passengers who are blind rely on audible train announcements to tell them where they are. PIAC and Mr Innes allege that RailCorp's failure to make these announcements breaches Federal disability discrimination law.

“Graeme has always been keen to reach a compromise with Railcorp, and he remains willing to work with RailCorp to reach a practical outcome that complies with anti-discrimination law,” said PIAC chief executive, Edward Santow.

Meanwhile, the difficulties Mr Innes and other blind travellers experience on CityRail continue.

Mr Innes today lodged another complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission after catching a train this morning with no audible announcements on-board. That makes more than 65 complaints, and counting.

Source: Public Interest Advocacy Centre.