Proposed changes to racial vilification laws explained

On 25 March 2014, Attorney-General George Brandis released an Exposure Draft of proposed changes to racial vilification protections contained in the Racial Discrimination Act. A public consultation process on the proposed changes has also been announced, with submissions due by 30 April 2014.

The Human Rights Law Centre has prepared an Information Paper to assist interested individuals and organisations to understand:

  • how the current laws are working;
  • the likely impact of the proposed changes
  • our views on the proposed changes
  • how to make a submission.

You can download a copy of the paper here.

A shorter guide to making submissions is here.

Below, we have included some additional materials and background information on Australia’s racial vilification laws, as well as links to further materials.

We will be updating this page throughout the consultation process. In particular, as the Federal Government will not be making submissions public, we invite individuals and organisations to send us a copy of their submission so that we can make them publicly available on this page.


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