No to Homophobia campaign achieves success with the AFL and US Ambassador

In last month’s edition of Rights Agenda we reported on the launch a groundbreaking television campaign targeting homophobia, biphobic and transphobic harassment. The HRLC provided strategic advice and support to the No to Homophobia campaign including developing an online resource,, to provide comprehensive information on how to “get informed”, “take action” and “get support” for those experiencing or witnessing homophobic harassment. The HRLC Director of Advocacy, Anna Brown, is the national spokesperson for the campaign. Since the launch in August, the momentum behind the campaign has continued to build. In a story that made headlines across Australia, the AFL played the No to Homophobia ads during their matches in the preliminary finals as well as announcing a partnership with the No to Homophobia team to tackle homophobia in the longer term.

We were also very pleased to see the US Ambassador to Australia, Jeffrey Bleich, join the growing list of high profile community champions supporting the campaign. As reported in The Age, Ambassador Bleich released a video message of support for the campaign after his staff first read about No to Homophobia in Rights Agenda.

Please help spread the word and promote the campaign through your networks – watch and share the ads, “like” the facebook page and follow No to Homophobia on twitter. If you wish to sign up your organisation or find out more about what you or your organisation can do to say “no” to homophobia please email