LGBTI groups call on the parliament to achieve marriage equality this term

A network of more than 90 LGBTI organisations and leaders across the nation have signed a joint statement calling on supporters of marriage equality in the parliament to unite and work together to find a pathway to achieve marriage equality in this term of Parliament.

Director of Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre and Australians for Equality (A4E) Co-Chair, Anna Brown said, “Now that the Senate has rejected a plebiscite, it’s important that the collective views of LGBTI people around the nation about the way forward to achieving marriage equality are heard.

“Our united statement calls on the leaders of all the parties to meet to determine a way forward that will deliver marriage equality through a parliamentary vote as soon as possible.

“We also call on our politicians to publicly affirm that this is a reform that will be decided by the Parliament, and the divisive plebiscite will not be resurrected in the future.

“We make this call not only on behalf of LGBTI communities and their families, but to ensure future generations of LGBTI Australians can grow up knowing they are equal to their peers under the law.

Co-Chair of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich has congratulated all the groups and individuals across the nation on their ongoing efforts to achieve marriage equality.

“The last 12 months has been a particularly frustrating time for the LGBTI community, I commend the groups and individuals who have worked so tirelessly in their own communities to achieve marriage equality.

“We are happy that the conversation can now finally move away from the plebiscite to the actual legislation that can achieve this reform.

“We know that the majority of Australians and parliamentarians support this reform, we now have the national infrastructure, momentum and energy to achieve it.

“We now have an amazingly positive campaign that will focus on the people this reform impacts and their stories, we encourage everyone to join The Equality Campaign,” Mr Greenwich concluded.