Lawyers say children should not be sent to adult prison

Lawyers and advocates were today told that transfers of children from youth detention facilities to Victoria’s maximum-security adult prison are imminent.
As many as 30 young people are at risk of being transferred by the end of the week, including particularly vulnerable children, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, and children who have not yet been found guilty of any crime.
Ruth Barson from the Human Rights Law Centre said that placing children in adult facilities is a clear breach of international human rights law and also raises serious questions under Victorian law.
“Children should not be going to sleep in a maximum security adult prison. In this day and age, there must be alternatives to locking children up in facilities designed for the states most hardened criminals,” said Ms Barson.
The Victorian Supreme Court was this evening asked to consider an application relating to the transfers and the matter was not finally decided.
Ruth Barson said that given the serious human rights issues at stake, lawyers would be considering all legal options.
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