Human Rights Law Centre welcomes Victorian Premier’s leadership and Victoria’s offer to take 267 facing deportation

Update: Since this was posted, all of the State Premiers have come out in support of letting our clients stay.

The Human Rights Law Centre’s Director of Legal Advocacy, Daniel Webb, has welcomed news that the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, has written to the Prime Minister explaining that he wants the 267 men, women and children facing deportation following this week's High Court decision, to "call Victoria home". 

“In the last few days we’ve seen what real leadership looks like. We’ve seen doctors risk jail to speak out, we’ve seen churches offer sanctuary to those in need, we’ve seen thousands of people take to the streets calling for the PM Malcolm Turnbull to let our clients stay. Now the Premier of Victoria has also shown great leadership by stepping up with this offer to the Prime Minister,” said Mr Webb.

In his letter, Mr Andrews explains that the Victorian Government is willing to accept full responsibility – including the provision of housing, health, education and welfare services – for the 267 people who came to Australia seeking safety.

“Our Prime Minister has a decision to make; will he condemn 37 babies and 54 children to a life in limbo on a tiny island or will he show some moral and political leadership and allow these families to rebuild their lives in our communities?” said Mr Webb.


Information about the High Court decision can be found online here.
The #LetThemStay petition can be found here.

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