Hands Off Our Charities

Hands Off Our Charities

Dear friends,

We’re facing a crisis and we need your help.

Right now, the Turnbull Government is trying to pass laws that will lock charities and community groups out of public policy debates.

Can you stand with us as we push back against this attack on our democracy?

Calling out bad laws and policies and getting them fixed is what the Human Rights Law Centre does best – it’s why we exist.

The Government’s proposed laws will stifle our ability – and the right of thousands of Australian charities and community groups – to publicly comment on any issue.

We need your help to stop this terrible bill from becoming law.

Donate now and tell the Government to keep its #HandsOffOurCharities

Charities have enormous expertise to contribute to public debates. Whether it’s running a homeless shelter or a community health service – charities are uniquely placed to understand how government policies impact on our society.

It’s essential that charities and community groups are free to speak up for the people and communities they serve.  

The Human Rights Law Centre is part of coalition of leading Australian charities spearheading opposition to the bill. We’ve shared our detailed legal analysis of the bill’s major flaws widely. We’re giving evidence in Parliament, meeting with MPs, speaking up in the media and we addressed the UN Human Rights Council last night.

But we need to do more to make sure the bill doesn’t pass.

We want to keep doing what we do best – promoting and protecting human rights, but this law threatens our entire model of impact.

At the Human Rights Law Centre, we stand up for the rights of others – we need the help of people like you to make sure we can continue to.

Thanks for your support.

Hugh de Kretser
Executive Director.