Time for South Australian MPs to show that they respect women’s health and equality

Time for South Australian MPs to show that they respect women’s health and equality

A bill tabled in the South Australian Parliament today would promote the right of all South Australians to control their bodies by removing abortion from the state’s criminal statute books.

Adrianne Walters, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre said:

"Every single one of us should have the freedom to control our bodies and decide what is right for our lives. It is time for South Australian politicians to demonstrate their respect for women’s health and equality and support the decriminalisation of abortion."

"It’s outrageous that in 2018, a woman seeking access to a safe medical procedure in South Australia still has the spectre of the criminal law hanging over her head. As the recent modernisation of Queensland’s abortion laws show, South Australia is out-of-step with modern community values and medical practice," said Walters.

The Bill would also create 150 metre safe access zones around hospitals and the Pregnancy Advisory Centre, which would prohibit the intimidation and harassment of women trying to access reproductive health services. Safe access zones are in place in every other jurisdiction in Australia apart from Western Australia.

"Around Australia, sensible and proportionate safe access zones have been critical to stopping the harassment, intimidation and abuse of women seeking healthcare. No person should have to run a gauntlet of abuse to see their doctor," said Walters. 

(Photo credit: Sharise Birse)

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