Human rights must be better protected in Australian law

Human rights must be better protected in Australian law

The rights and freedoms that Australians enjoy must not be taken for granted - they should be enshrined and protected in Australian law.

The Human Rights Law Centre today said it welcomes community discussion about a national Human Rights Charter following the announcement that the Australian Greens will ask the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights to help identify the best model for a national Charter.

Hugh de Kretser, the Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre, encouraged all parties to examine how human rights could be better protected in Australian law.

“Human rights are fundamental, universal values that transcend politics. Australians need stronger protection of their human rights in law,” said Mr de Kretser.

Mr de Kretser said enshrining human rights in a national charter would provide Australians with a safeguard against abuses of government power.

“A Charter will mean that when governments cross the line and infringe on our fundamental rights, people will have power to take practical steps to stop them,” said Mr de Kretser.


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