A message from Manus

A message from Manus

On World Refugee Day, we bring you a message from Manus.

“I have never experienced safety since I was born.”

Imran Mohammad is a Rohingyan refugee whom our Government has detained for the last four years on Manus Island in PNG.

Imran didn't speak a word of English when he was forcibly deported to Manus as a teenager. But he has now written a book - an autobiography of his life - and been published in the Guardian and Sydney Morning Herald.

“I don’t need much. I just want to be able to walk
down the street and feel safe.”

With your support, we have travelled to Manus three times to expose conditions inside the detention centre and to bring the voices of the men trapped inside to the world.

These men’s futures are now on the line.

Our government will bulldoze the Manus camp in October, but hundreds of refugees like Imran have nowhere left to go. Some may be selected to go to the United States but hundreds of others will be left behind – abandoned on an unsafe and painful road to nowhere.

We need your support during these crucial next few months to ensure that every single man, woman and child on both Manus and Nauru is evacuated to safety.

“All we crave is what all people crave: freedom and
a chance at a life in safety.”

No one can be left behind. Whatever the question, deliberate cruelty to innocent people is never the answer.

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Daniel Webb
Director of Legal Advocacy

PS - Because of your support, over the last two years, we've prevented over 360 people, including 60 children, from being returned to Nauru and Manus. With your support we are improving the lives of people within the system while working to change the system itself.

You can read more about Imran's story here.