Defending Democracy – our report launched by Gillian Triggs

Defending Democracy – our report launched by Gillian Triggs

Democracy thrives when public policy and debates are informed by a range of voices. Community organisations have enormous expertise to contribute, drawn from the work they do, whether it’s running a homeless shelter or protecting the environment.

Yet governments across Australia, to protect themselves and vested corporate interests from criticism, are using financial levers to make it harder for community organisations to speak up for the groups and interests they represent.

We need to stand up to defend free speech and community advocacy.

Last week, Professor Gillian Triggs launched our Defending Democracy report.

Produced in partnership with 15 leading Australian NGOs, Defending Democracy highlights the threats to community advocacy and recommends reforms to safeguard independent community voices.

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This stifling of community voices is just one part of a broader undemocratic trend. The proliferation of anti-protest laws, secrecy, threats to whistleblowers, undermining the rule of law and attacks on watchdog bodies like the Australian Human Rights Commission are other symptoms.

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Emily Howie
Director of Legal Advocacy

PS – Download a copy of Defending Democracy here or drop me a line if you would like us to send you a copy.