Leaked documents reveal further evidence that Manus centre must be evacuated immediately

Leaked documents released today provide further evidence of the danger, harm and human suffering inside the Australian government’s detention centre on Manus Island. The documents, published in the Guardian Australia, provide graphic detail of the rates of harm inside the centre.

The Human Rights Law Centre’s Director of Legal Advocacy, Daniel Webb, who has travelled to Manus three times to investigate conditions on the ground, said that as confronting as these fresh details are they confirm precisely what the government already knows - that Manus is a harmful dead end.

“For the last four years we’ve seen report after report - horror story after horror story - detailing the harm people are suffering inside the camp and the serious dangers they face when they venture outside it. How much more evidence do we need?” said Mr Webb.

“Every single person suffering at our government’s hands in these offshore centres must be evacuated immediately.”

Mr Webb said that while moves to close the Manus camp were clearly underway, the government still had no viable plan to ensure the safety of the 850 men languishing inside.

“This isn’t about tearing down the fences, it’s about finding a safe and viable way forward for the men trapped inside. After four years of limbo, they are completely exhausted,” said Mr Webb.

“Hopefully the US deal will end up providing a lifeline for some, but it won’t be enough to ensure safety for all. People will be left behind and it’s not good enough for the government to just leave innocent people stuck in limbo in unsafe conditions forever. Every single one of these men deserves the chance to start rebuilding their lives in safety.”

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