Farewell to the indomitable Rachel Ball

After more than 8 incredible years our Director of Advocacy, Rachel Ball, is leaving us to take up a new role as the Head of Public Policy and Advocacy for Oxfam Australia.

Rachel has played a major role advancing human rights in Australia and building the Human Rights Law Centre’s profile and reputation over that time. She led much of our work on women’s rights, the rights of people seeking asylum and business and human rights. Rachel’s recent work includes helping to bring the Fertility Control Clinic case that prompted Victoria’s safe access zone laws that ensure women can access health services without being harassed or intimidated. Her work has been integral to the No Business in Abuse campaign that has resulted in all major companies involved in the offshore camps on Nauru and Manus Island announcing their exit from their contracts by next year.

Amongst many achievements, Rachel also delivered one of our favourite opinion piece lines of all time: “We should take with a grain of salt the views of people who stand atop a mountain of privilege and declare that privilege is irrelevant.”

We’ll all miss Rachel’s smart, incisive, considerate and witty presence. The HRLC won’t be the same without her and we wish her all the best for her fantastic new role.