Further details of Victorian Government’s settlement with the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

FURTHER DETAILS: As part of the last minute back down, the Victorian Government has committed not to transfer any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child to an adult jail. The only extremely limited possibility for transfers is in exceptional circumstances and, even then, only on the advice of the Aboriginal Children’s Commissioner that the transfer is in the best interests of that child.

 The formal settlement document is attached here.

Ruth Barson, Director of Legal Advocacy, said that “ensuring the safety of one group of children in no way excuses the continued mistreatment of another. The Government should not just pick and choose the children it wants to treat humanely. Daniel Andrews should now show moral leadership and remove all children from Barwon adult jail”.  

For media comment:

Ruth Barson, Director of Legal Advocacy, Human Rights Law Centre: 0417 773 037

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre: 0419 100 519

About the case:

After recent incidents at Parkville Youth Detention Centre that left the Centre damaged, the Government announced its intention to transfer children to Barwon adult prison. This case was filed as an urgent injunction last Monday night, and was listed for urgent hearing tomorrow.  The case raised serious questions about the lawfulness of the Government’s actions and decisions. It examined whether the Government was acting in accordance with its obligations to children, and its obligations under the Charter of Human Rights. In the last week approximately 15 children have been transferred, with more transfers occurring daily.