The HRLC stood with me. Will you stand by them?

For decades my workplace – the Fertility Control Clinic in Melbourne – has been besieged by a group that harass and intimidate me, my colleagues and the vulnerable women trying to access our services.

My requests to the authorities to stand up for the rights of women largely fell on deaf ears, but when I contacted the Human Rights Law Centre, they listened and they took action. 

This month, the HRLC helped the Clinic take legal action in the Supreme Court seeking to ensure that women can safely access our health services.

The HRLC stood up for my rights and the rights of our staff and our patients. Today, I’m asking you to stand with the HRLC by donating to their End-of-Financial-Year Fundraising Appeal.

Women’s rights are hard won. When the clinic was established in 1972 it was Australia’s first legal, private abortion clinic. We have won many rights since then, but we still need to win the right for women to access sexual and reproductive health services without being subjected to physical and psychological harassment.

The HRLC’s model of strategic partnerships is a powerful one. It linked me with leading law firm Maurice Blackburn, and harnessed the pro bono legal support of some of the best barristers in the country – Peter Hanks QC, Kristen Walker QC and Therese McCarthy.

The HRLC isn’t working to just stop the erosion of human rights, they’re seeking to advance the protection of human rights in law, policy and practice. Your support can help make this a reality. 

Please stand with me and donate now.

Dr Susie Allanson

Clinical Psychologist
Fertility Control Clinic
East Melbourne