Sam’s Big Swim for Human Rights

Update: When dangerous conditions cancelled the Bloody Big Swim open-sea marathon fundraising event, passionate HRLC supporter Sam Drummond wasn’t deterred – he simply relocated and swam the 11.2 kilometres at the Fitzroy pool instead! His impressive 224 laps raised $2,800 to support the HRLC’s work. Thank you Sam!

Big Swim for Human Rights

One of our passionate supporters, Sam Drummond, is about to swim an open water marathon to raise money for our work protecting and promoting human rights!

Partaking in “The Bloody Big Swim” between Frankston and Mornington on Saturday 17 January, Sam has generously nominated the Human Rights Law Centre as the lucky recipient of the money he hopes to raise by swimming 11.2 km. So make a tax-deductible donation now to show your support for Sam and the Human Rights Law Centre!

"If there’s one thing that’s going to make swimming from Frankston to Mornington worth it, it’s raising much needed funds for the Human Rights Law Centre. It might be a bloody long way, but it’s nothing compared to the lengths the people at the Centre go to in order to protect and promote human rights in Australia and throughout the world," said Sam.

Hugh de Kretser, the Human Rights Law Centre’s Executive Director, said the HRLC team was humbled by Sam’s efforts.

“We're honoured that Sam is swimming a marathon to support our work. Sam's big swim will be a champion effort to support human rights. Please show your support and get behind him,” said Hugh.

Sam, a lawyer and political advisor, had a close-up view of the HRLC during a stint in 2013 volunteering with the HRLC and has since continued to follow its work closely.

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