UN Treaty Bodies: NGOs call for strengthened engagement

UN human rights bodies are an essential component of the international system for the promotion and protection of human rights, complementing the work of regional and domestic non-government organisations and national human rights institutions. At its 102nd session in Geneva, the UN Human Rights Committee held a dialogue with NGOs and NHRIs as to how to enhance engagement between the Committee and civil society organisations and, through such coordination, to enhance the fulfilment of human rights on the ground.

The Human Rights Law Centre was pleased to contribute to and support an NGO Paper to the Committee, coordinated by the Centre for Civil and Political Rights and Amnesty International, which sets out a range of concrete and practical recommendations to enhance the complementary relationship between the Human Rights Committee, NGOs and NHRIs, including as to:

  • the periodic reporting process;
  • the review of states which fail to submit periodic reports; and
  • follow up and implementation of human rights recommendations.