Review of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights

About the Review

The Victorian Attorney-General recently announced a review of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Victorian Charter) after four years of its operation.  The review is to be conducted by the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee (SARC), which is due to report to Parliament by 1 October 2011.

Further information about the conduct of the review by SARC is available at

An Opportunity to Strengthen the Victorian Charter

Four years after the introduction of the Victorian Charter, clear evidence is emerging that the Charter is having a beneficial impact on the operation of government and individuals in the community.  The review of the Victorian Charter presents a significant opportunity to strengthen and enhance its operation.

The HRLC has made a submission to the review of the Victorian Charter, which addresses:

  • the overall impacts and benefits of the Charter;
  • the Charter's impact on legislative and policy formulation;
  • the Charter's impact on decision making and service delivery;
  • the Charter's impact on Victorian law; and
  • myths and misconceptions associated with the Charter's operation to date.

In its submission, the HRLC makes 20 key recommendations to improve the Charter’s effectiveness.

The HRLC has also made a further submission to the review of the Victorian Charter in response to issues raised in other public submissions to SARC.  The further submission addresses some of the views expressed in relation to the operation of the Victorian Charter that are unfounded in evidence or based on myths or misunderstandings.

Key Submissions to the Review of the Charter

The HRLC has compiled a list of submissions that have been made to the review of the Victorian Charter.

Further Information about the Review of the Victorian Charter

For further information about the HRLC's activities in relation to the review of the Victorian Charter, please contact Ben Schokman on (03) 8636 4451 or