Parliamentary Protection of Human Rights: Submission to Queensland Parliament

The HRLC has made a submission to the Queensland Parliament’s review of its ‘fundamental legislative principles’. At various stages of the lawmaking process in Queensland, proposed Bills and subordinate legislation are assessed for consistency with the fundamental legislative principles, which are defined under section 4 of the Legislative Standards Act 1992 (Qld).  The HRLC has proposed that the definition of fundamental legislative principles be amended to include a requirement that legislation has sufficient regard to Australia’s international human rights obligations.  This requirement reflects Queensland’s responsibilities under international law and contemporary community expectations about legislative standards.

The HRLC considers that such a requirement will enhance the legislative and policy development process in Queensland.  The HRLC also made submissions about improving the quality of information provided to Parliament regarding the consistency of proposed laws with human rights and strengthening education measures to improve the understanding of Queensland citizens of their rights and liberties.