National Human Rights Consultation - What You Can Do


1.  Make a written submission

Written submissions to the National Human Rights Consultation are due by 15 June 2009 and should address one or all of the following questions:

  • Which human rights (including corresponding responsibilities) should be protected and promoted?
  • Are these human rights currently sufficiently protected and promoted?
  • How could Australia better protect and promote human rights?

To assist organisations and individuals to make submissions, the HRLRC has developed a series of Submission Toolkits.  You can also find further information on the Materials and Resources page.

For further information about making a submission, see


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2. Attend a workshop or roundtable

2.1 HRLRC Workshops

The HRLRC is conducting a number of workshops that address the relationship between human rights and particular thematic areas.   The workshops also include Submission Toolkits that are designed to assist organisations and individuals to:

  • prepare a submission to the National Human Rights Consultation; and
  • conduct consumer forums with clients to empower them to also write a submission.

The details of these workshops and materials are available under Workshops and Submission Toolkits.

2.2 Consultation Committee Roundtables

The National Human Rights Consultation Committee will be visiting places throughout regional and remote Australia as well as major towns and cities during the first half of 2009.

Locations and dates of the Committee's Comunity Roundtables are available at


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3.  Join the Australian Human Rights Group

The Australian Human Rights Group (AHRG) is a network of organisations and individuals committed to enhancing our legislative protection of human rights.  The AHRG's core aims and beliefs are:

  • Australia needs better legislative protection of human rights.
  • The AHRG aims to enable the community to share their views on how best to protect human rights in Australian law.
  • The Australian Parliament should pass a comprehensive Human Rights Act.

For further information about the AHRG, see


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4.  Join the campaign email list

Join the Human Rights Act campaign email list to keep informed on developments and get access to the Campaign wiki.

Email with the subject line blank and only 'subscribe charter-campaign' in the text of the email.


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5.  Make a donation to the Human Rights Law Resource Centre

The Human Rights Law Resource Centre is committed to providing leadership on, and contributing to the development of, a national Human Rights Act.

The work of the Centre includes preparing fact sheets, comparative and international research, media monitoring and commentary, preparing template submissions, hosting community forums and workshops, train-the-trainer programs, community sector coordination and human rights capacity building, and liaison with the business community, professional associations and other key stakeholders.

The Centre has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient.  Donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible.

Make a donation online here.


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