After six long years I am finally free

 After six long years I am finally free

My name is Aziz.

I fled the war in Darfur in 2013. I came to Australia seeking safety but instead was forcibly taken to Manus Island.

For six long years I was trapped in the misery of Australia’s offshore detention regime. 

Today I am finally free, but right now there are more than 800 men and women still held on Manus and Nauru.

12 people have died. Over 100 people on Manus have attempted suicide in just the last month. How many deaths will it take?

Politicians across the globe continue to dehumanise refugees and use them for their own political agenda. The voices of refugees must be heard and acted on. 

The Human Rights Law Centre is standing with us to call for an end to cruel policies that strip people of their dignity and hope. 

I began working with the Human Rights Law Centre when Daniel Webb came to Manus Island to help us expose the harm that is being done to innocent people by the Australian Government.

Today in Geneva, I’m working with the Human Rights Law Centre to urge the UN to hold Australia to account for its shameful breach of human rights.

We must keep fighting for humanity to be restored to Australia’s refugee policies.  

Can you stand up for refugee rights by making a donation to the Human Rights Law Centre?

After six years of imprisonment, my brothers and sisters on Manus and Nauru are calling for a future where they can rebuild their lives in freedom and safety.

Thanks for your support.

Abdul Aziz Muhamat