The Human Rights Law Centre is proud and honoured to have amongst our supporters a number of eminent human rights leaders. Here’s what a few of them had to say about us…


The Human Rights Law Centre plays a vital role protecting human rights in Australia. I am proud to support their work and urge others who care about human rights to do the same.

The Hon. Malcolm Fraser, AC Prime Minister of Australia 1975-1983

On human rights, Australians are all too often complacent and self-satisfied. And Australian lawyers are all too often formalistic, content to indulge in romantic fictions about our institutions. The HRLC is a vital corrective to these national failings.

The Hon Michael Kirby, AC, CMG Justice of the High Court of Australia 1996-2009. President of the International Commission of Jurists 1995-1998

I am an enthusiastic supporter of the HRLC because of its strong commitment to human rights standards and its professional approach to using legal action and advocacy to advance the protection of human rights in Australia. The HRLC’s excellent work merits support from everyone concerned with human rights.

The Hon. Elizabeth A Evatt, AC Former member of the UN Human Rights Committee

The HRLC is a model of a professionally run human rights law NGO. It expertly integrates international human rights law into its work on Australian law.

Professor Sir Nigel Rodley Chair, UN Human Rights Committee

The HRLC is a pre-eminent player among Australian NGOs concerned with the promotion and protection of human rights.

The Hon. Catherine Branson QC Former Federal Court Judge & President of the Australian Human Rights Commission 2008-2012, current HRLC chair

The HRLC is a fabulous example of an organisation deeply committed to the promotion of human rights but one which is so effective because it develops strong partnerships beyond the community sector into the world of government and business.

Simon McKeon, AO Australian of the Year 2011, Chairman – AMP Limited, Chairman – CSIRO

Human rights begin at home. But they also imply international scrutiny, as much for Australia and the USA as for China, Russia and Iran. The HRLC has played an absolutely crucial role in facilitating Australia’s accountability and we are all greatly in its debt for the first-rate advocacy and education work that it does.

Professor Philip Alston New York University, former UN Special Rapporteur

With less than 6% of our funding coming from government, your support is vital to ensuring our strategic combination of legal action, advocacy and capacity building delivers both justice to individuals and systemic change.

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