Arif Hussein - Lawyer


Arif Hussein joined the Human Rights Law Centre in 2017, to focus on our work upholding the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. He has over five years of experience in this field, both in Australia and on Manus Island Regional Processing Centre (RPC). 

Prior to joining HRLC, Arif worked as a Solicitor and as a Registered Migration Agent, representing people seeking asylum though the Fast Track process. Arif also assisted people seeking asylum who were adversely impacted by Australia’s punitive deterrence policies towards people seeking asylum, such as citizenship delay and family reunion.

Previously, Arif managed the delivery of a free legal service at Playfair Visa and Migration Services to asylum seekers in the community deemed most vulnerable, including organising and leading taskforces to Australian detention centres and regional communities across Australia.  

Arif has also been on four deployments to the Manus Island RPC in Papua New Guinea. During these deployments Arif worked as a Claims Assistance Provider and as a Team Leader, assisting asylum seekers through the refugee determination process in PNG. Through his work on Manus Island Arif has seen firsthand the many adverse effects of offshore processing on the refugees and asylums seekers on Manus. 

Arif joins HRLC with a long and established history of engaging with issues concerning people seeking asylum, refugees and migrants. Arif volunteered at the Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS) in Brisbane, assisting with its refugee and asylum seeker case load. He has also worked as Research Assistant at the Monash University School of Arts on a research project investigating the ways young Australian Muslims contribute to the community and participate in civic life. He has been an active member of the Youth Voice, a youth advocacy group and a subsidiary of the Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma. 

Arif has completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Justice (with distinction), majoring in Criminology from Queensland University of Technology.